How does AimSteady work?

What Type Of Feedback Does AimSteady provide?

Nine times out of ten, bad shots are down to a lack of motor skill control, not technique. AimSteady is all about training your brain, i.e. your motor skills. Motor skills are when the brain, nervous system, and muscles all have to work together.

The problem with improving your motor skills is that your brain needs immediate feedback to learn. When you’re firing rapidly, you don’t have time (and shouldn’t) to take your eye focus away from your front sight to check where the last round landed. AimSteady's audio feedback allows you to build the mind-muscle connections required to improve your skills with every shot.

How does AimSteady analyze my shots?

The AimSteady ring utilizes precision movement sensors to capture information before, during and after each shot. The system uses a proprietary motion analysis system to detect information such as movement errors, grip stability and recovery time which all relate to how well you shoot. The ring connects wirelessly over Bluetooth to your phone which gives you feedback in real time via audio as well as storing all your shots for later review to see trends and improvements over time.