How Does AimSteady Work?

How Does AimSteady Work?

Nine times out of ten, a poor shot is fired due to poor motor skill control, not technique. AimSteady is all about training your brain, i.e. your motor skills. Motor skills are when the brain, nervous system, and muscles all have to work together.

The problem with improving your motor skills is that your brain needs immediate feedback to learn. When you’re firing rapidly, you don’t have time(and shouldn’t) to take your eye focus away from your front sight to check where the last round landed. You don’t know if you fired a good shot or a bad shot until the practice is over, and that does not improve your motor skills.

AimSteady is a ring that utilizes precision movement sensors to detect and capture the instant a shot isn’t perfect. These movement sensors accomplish this by measuring changes on three axes of lateral movement and three axes of rotational movement. The ring connects wirelessly over Bluetooth to your phone which gives you feedback just when it’s needed.
So let’s have a look at AimSteady in action, this guy has some pre-ignition push on his first shot and hears an audible tone, he fires the 2nd shot well.



So let me explain how AimSteady works to improve your shooting. The below graph is the first shot he fired.



He pushed the gun downwards 3 hundredths of a second before the shot went off, trying to stabilize for the recoil before it had actually happened. And it crossed the threshold he had set for allowable movement mistakes so he hears an audible tone. He made a mistake, he knew about it immediately and on a subconscious level his brain takes in what he did wrong. When you do it right, you have the positive reinforcement of not hearing any audible feedback and knowing that you did good, and again your motor skills are being reinforced.

Although it’s simple, it’s effective, your brain learns motor skills much quicker through the immediate feedback provided.

Next shot, good shooting, no audible feedback required…



And that’s just the open practice part of the app, there’s so much more built in to the app to make your training interesting and challenging: try the challenges, compete against friends, dry fire technique testing and post anything you’re proud of to Facebook if you want to get the recognition you deserve for your awesome shooting skills!

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