Don’t Be THAT Guy….

Don’t Be THAT Guy….

We all know THAT guy at the range…. Yes the one who shows up wearing every piece of tacti-cool gear out there, maybe some new camo pattern pants or cool guy sunglasses (ok im guilty of the cool guy glasses) and pulls out the hottest new pistol of the year and then throws a CASE of ammo up on the table.

The regulars, old timers and the range officers all sigh and shake their heads for what’s coming next.  The barrage of gunfire and a hail of bullets hitting everything down range, your target, the backstop, and some worms.  And of course his target looks like a Jackson Pollock painting created via hole puncher.

Then there’s THE guy, the one who shows up every other week, knows a few of the regulars and the range officers, says his “hellos” and then gets to work.  He puts his gear on, a holster and mag pouch, then takes a few minutes practicing his draw. He then takes a few more minutes to dry fire then loads up his mags, puts his Aimsteady ring on and starts working the trigger.

That’s when the eyes start to wander, the old timers and range officers are looking over at THE guy’s hand and notice the ring on his hand.  The puzzled looks and whispers of “the heck is that” start floating around. THE guy’s target is looking pretty good, he takes a pause looks over at his phone nods his head a few times and then starts shooting again.  Those who were watching noticed that his groups have shrunk and has a pretty darn good looking target.

One of the old timers asks, “What’s that ring thing”? THE guy responds “it’s an Aimsteady, a training tool and it tells me how well I’m shooting or when I’m screwing it up as it happens, see look at my phone all my shots have been recorded.”  The old timers eye’s are wide and says “wish I had something like that back when I was learning”

THAT guy walks over looks at THE guys target then back at his target and says “must be my new pistol, just doesn’t shoot right”

It’s not the gun that makes the shooter or even the newest gun.  Money should be spent where it will have the most impact, training.  If not on first hand instruction then on tools, training aids and equipment that will increase your skills.  Spend the money where you will get the most bang for the buck, pun intended.

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