How Does AimSteady Work?

Nine times out of ten, a poor shot is fired due to poor motor skill control, not technique. AimSteady is all about training your brain, i.e. your motor skills. Motor skills are when the brain, nervous system, and muscles all have to work together. The problem with improving your motor skills is that your brain […]

The Surprise Break Technique: Not Practical, Not Tactical

One of the best ways to get an inexperienced person to improve their accuracy on target is to get them to implement the surprise break. That is to squeeze the trigger back slowly and constantly so that they don’t know when exactly the gun is going to shoot and when it does, it’s a surprise to them.

Recoil Anticipation: Pre-Ignition Push vs. Post Ignition Push

Recoil anticipation, the main cause of inaccuracy, is a multi-faceted beast. It is most commonly described as a fear of the handgun exploding suddenly and moving rapidly towards your face. And trying not to flinch is like trying not to blink when someone throws a shadow punch that stops just short of your face.

Taking The Mystery Out Of Handgun Training

Shooting handguns can be a frustrating hobby. I describe it to my friends as being much like golf, some days you turn up to the range and everything goes perfectly, other days you turn up and nothing is working and you have no idea why.

The Mental Game: Why Scores Drop 10% In Competition

It’s as frustrating as it is consistent: I will shoot consistently at a certain level in the weeks before a competition and every competition I will drop 10% in points every time, or at least I used to. Not everyone suffers from this competition affliction, but most do.

Don’t Be THAT Guy….

We all know THAT guy at the range…. Yes the one who shows up wearing every piece of tacti-cool gear out there, maybe some new camo pattern pants or cool guy sunglasses (ok im guilty of the cool guy glasses) and pulls out the hottest new pistol of the year and then throws a CASE of ammo up on the table.

The Dangers Of Dry Fire

Well the first danger is obvious…make sure your pistol is safe and clear, pointed in a safe direction blah blah blah….we know all this by now or I should hope that we do. So now we get to the real danger of dry fire, doing it WRONG.

Technique Vs. Basic Motor Skills

When asked how I came up with the core training principles behind AimSteady, I tell people that when I was training new soldiers to compete in a shooting competition against some of the best marksmen in the world, it only takes me 15 minutes to teach them the correct technique.