About Us

Seventeen years ago, the two founders of AimSteady met for the first time on the first day of officer training. They spent two grueling years training together before they were placed in their respective units. Although they went in different directions, Daly headed to an infantry unit while Aherne spent his time as an academy instructor, followed by four years in Special Forces. Although their careers diverged, both shared a common difficulty in training soldiers to a high standard of handgun marksmanship, with limited range-time and ammunition. They exhausted every training aid and method available but always experienced slower progress than desired.

They founded the company to create a product that allows people to achieve the highest standards of handgun marksmanship in the shortest amount of time. AimSteady incorporates the two principles even the best instructors struggle with: providing real-time, shot-by-shot feedback and detecting the subtle movements that have a big impact on accuracy. Using AimSteady takes the guesswork out of training with real-time, on-range feedback and reviewable statistics, helping reach the highest standard of marksmanship in a fraction of the time.

John Daly – Founder and CEO

John is a former Army Captain and competitive shooting coach. He has a degree in Electronic & Computer Engineering and a Masters in Communications Technology Management.

John Aherne – Co-Founder and Director

John is a former Army Special Forces Captain with experience in specialized dynamic shooting.
He has experience working in Operations and Procurement Management in the private sector.

David Camp – Co-Founder and CTO

David is a Wisconsin native and Electronics Engineer with 8 years experience as a Senior Embedded Systems Engineer. He has extensive experience in product design, digital product design, and design for manufacture, as well as holds several patents. He received his BSEE from Milwaukee School of Engineering in 2008 and his MBA from UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School in 2017.